Reply To: Has anyone tried to remove the yellow decals yet?



You do not need an adhesive remover to remove the stickers. I just used wooden toothpick to start removing a tiny bit at the end, then you can pull all the rest without any problem – works also with the 401 stiker on the rear end.

The stickers have a thin layer of varnish on them so once removed, you will definitely see and feel where the decals were; if you leave it as it is you, it will look as if there is the same shape as the decal but in a different black (looking a bit more matte), which in my opinion looked really good. The cool thing is also that once it is removed, as you are left with a kind of “mask” on the side panel, you can use it as a guide to paint directly the shape of the decal in another colour (white or dark grey would probably look really good).

On my side I did remove the original decals and gave the side panels a quick sandpaper treatment in order to apply a full covering kit.

Hope this helps you,