Reply To: Weight Loss Program


It’s cool Stumpkin, I appreciate your (and everyone’s) contributions to the thread…it proved to be very helpful.

I went ahead and popped on it but I stuck with the 45t for now. I was anxiously waiting for Husqvarna’s Supersprox to become available but I’m glad it wasn’t because your previous post revealed the Superlight was 1/2 the weight. I went even further and compared some of the more competitive sprockets, including the Supersprox and they were all heavier so the Superlight wins at 306g’s!!

As far as the gearing, I spoke to Chad at Sprocket Ctr. and although he suggested that the 43t would be quicker off the line, I figured I’d likely need the higher gearing for the highway so I’ve kept it stock for now.

Thanks again for your input…Let’s keep shaving away!!