Reply To: Handle bar special screw removal and throttle removal


Thanks for the interest. To answer your questions, I elected to switching out the bars for more comfort and better riding position. I still wanted to keep the cafe look and the overpriced ABM conversion kit really takes away the cafe racer look. The clamp on bars  I acquired are from Cocks and made in the USA. It takes about 6 weeks to get a set and I ordered mine set from Tachical Mindz which is a stunt bike accessory shop. These are by far one of the strongest clamp ons you can buy and the price out around 200 dollars delivered. The come in 8 pieces hence the 51 mm clamps side on the tubes, there is a 6 inch post the slides into the tube clamps and that is capped off with another top connector that connects the vertical post to the handle bar. Hence you can adjust these bars up or down, in or out, match the factory bar feel etc or any of hundreds of combinations.

However I need to see a repair manual or CD rom to see how the handle bars slide out of the stock tree given the wired screw and still see how the stock throttle assembly comes apart  I suspect it is anchored to the stock bar some how sinc it will move off the stock husky handle bar and uses a glass of some type

Ig any can look at their service manual or CD report manual to s e if a special tool is needed and send a pic or instructions, it would be appreciated

I reinstalled led the factory bars til I can get a manual or speak with a technician that knows this bike then I can switch out the bars.