Reply To: Svartpilen km2300 dead no start !!!!!!!


i connected obd2 bluetooth my car, and i have dtc error :

P0335 : crankshaft position sensor A error or malfunction, (is pickup stator….)

P0339: cranckshaft position sensor B circuit intermittent (look up)

P0615 start relay circuit

P0916 gear shift position,

the problem came out because I could not turn on the bike, I removed and recharged the battery but a fake contact blew up the fuse,
replaced the same problem fuse,
I thought it was only the battery but not.

the bike starts making contact with the solenoid and runs regularly but has the engine light on and the button does not start, maybe I have to reset the errors on the booohhh controller, I bring it to the workshop and write the solution.

sorry my english but I use the google translator