Reply To: Svartpilen 401 vs BMW G 310GS – time to buy – decisions, decisions…


Not a tough choice; go with the Husky. I believe the Svartpilen to be a better build quality than the BMW and more reliable. Much faster off the line, up the hill, through the twisties, and the the straight aways.

Take a look at the recent number of product recalls BMW has had to endure. Also read the reviews (the really honest ones where there is no quid pro quo) and you’ll see the G310 is found to be wanting in almost every category: ┬áless than stellar torque, shifts clunky, awkward ergonomics. I have owned several different BMW bikes (G650, R1150, F800) and I was generally pleased with them – to the point of boredom. This is my third Husky (TR650, 630SMS, and now the Svartpilen 401) and the pleasure received is far superior.