Reply To: Rear Brake Light Adjustment


I was thinking about your issue and have a different idea to solve it. I am planning on changing to a smaller set up and a rear fender delete. I am not going with a full fender delete, but just want a smaller set up for turn sigs and running lights that I put down in the low factory spot. I am looking at some stuff from ebay like¬†Rear Tail Assembly¬†Most of these have: Turn Sigs, Running Lights, and Brake Light. Down there, there isn’t wire for the brake light. You could wire that additional brake light down there to a button on your handle bars. That way you could flash that additional brake light when needed without bringing the brakes into the mix. You could even wire it to the flash of the high beam for simplicity. It might be a little extra work wiring, but would be slick. You would have your standard brake light and a “get the f*ck away from me” light.

Just a thought.

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