Reply To: is this a good price for the Svartpilen 401


Hello Everyone,

I’m looking at an out of state Svartpilen.  I was considering a 2018 Vitpilen at a dealer in Nevada who was asking $5,017 US (Wow!) but it was with in-house financing.  Definitely making their profit on the back end, which is fair.

However, I actually wanted the Svartpilen and they only have 2019 models.  Standard pricing at $6,299.  I’m paying cash and I’m not paying any sales tax.  Dealer fees are $1,200 – which is ‘OK’… but they raised the MSRP price UP from $6,299 to $6,654 as I’m paying cash.  Huh???  Looks like I’ll be buying from another dealer in one state or another.

What’s everyone else currently paying in “fees” on 2019 Vit/Svart models?

Thanks, Jasper