Reply To: Choking out


VP-1, I’m super interested on your work with the air boxes. I’ve heard conflicting information on nearly every site I’ve gone to.  Some state that the 401 has an ECU that will slowly adapt to modifications you make. Like if you do a cat delete or drill out the airbox then the bike will run like shit at the beginning but slowly adapt to the modification over a few weeks.  Can anyone verify this?

I’ve also heard that this is not the case and that any modification, shy of a slip on exhaust, requires you to go get the ECU re-mapped. The ECU on the 401 will not in fact adjust to the modifications you make. Can anyone verify this?

Last question on the C00ber ECU. Is that just for stock improvement? what happens when you have it installed and then modify your air box and run the cat delete? does that fuck the coober ECU up, does the Coober unit understand and make adjustments, or does the ECU make adjustments and the coober is fine?