Reply To: Which bike is better?


ThemSheeps and TC: Thanks for your input.

I liked the looks of my Svartpilen 401, but now, not as much.

A couple of weeks ago, on my last ride into the mountains for this season I stopped for coffee at this little diner; parking next to a group of sport bikes (Triumph, Ducati, etc.). These were serious bikes; my bike appeared to be posing.

I ride 70% on twisty two lane roads – never off road, avoid freeways whenever I can. Prefer not to ride in city traffic. I ride mostly on Sundays.

The little Duke fits my needs (as does the Svartpilen). The larger 690 Duke or Svartpilen 701 would also – but the higher insurance is a factor.

I think the 390 Duke is something I could abuse to a certain degree and not worry about the cosmetics.