Reply To: Vit701 Lightweight Build


Welcome brother. I am working on it. So far weight wise, I’ve dumped the cat, swapped the oem battery for lithium, and put on the bar end mirrors. I haven’t weighed anything but I would guess that’s in the range of -10 or 12 lbs.


Next week has a holiday in US and I am going to lose the rear hugger for a tail tidy and swap the rear sprocket to aluminum while lowering the gearing ratio. Probably at least a pound or two in that.


The bike at stock is already much lighter than any of my other bikes, and it just gets better and better as it gets lighter.


There is a great thread in the 401 section you should check out where johnnylightning is replacing everything he can for weight. He’s weighing everything as he goes and posting pix on the scales. His bike is looking fucking sick too. Not all the bits from the 401 fit the 701, but as you probably know a lot of the duke 690 parts will fit (tho it has a different frame, body work, & airbox etc).