Reply To: Akrapovic exhaust Svartpilen 401/Vitpilen 401


That’s the one! I’ve been trying to post for a couple of days but my message wasn’t getting through for some reason.

I didn’t notice any performance increase, but I don’t think I have the experience to notice a 2 or 3 hp increase anyway. And even if there was a DECREASE, which I don’t think there is, I didn’t buy this bike because of the performance figures so it doesn’t make a bit of difference to me.

The important change for me was in the sound department, and it sure delivers. I didn’t want anything too complicated because in Spain you basically need the stock exhaust system or a homologated one to pass the vehicle technical inspection so I chose not remove the cat. This allows me to quickly swap the slip-ons with little effort and still get the change I was after. Plus, removing the cat would probably make it louder than I’d like.

As for how well it fitted, ALMOST perfect. The passenger peg is a bit closer to the rider’s foot than in the dukes, so the “halo”(someone please educate me on what the name is) that attaches to it has to hold the exhaust a bit further down. It basically goes over the rivets in the exhaust. If this is not an issue for you, and it shouldn’t be if you’re spending 80€ on an exhaust, then it fits with no required modifications. Just remove the stock exhaust and plug in the new one.

There are no exhaust leaks in the joints, it feels really solid and well put together, and it so far has lasted around 2000km. So even though I’m not in love with the looks, for 80€ I think it’s a good option for the time being.