Reply To: Leo Vince LV-10 and De-Cat Fitted.


Done some weight comparison today.  The stock exhaust and Cat is 10.5kg and the LV system total is only 2.32kg so that a nice 8.1kg weight saving.

Performance run today felt much better, much more pull especially mid range.  Found it a lot more responsive in 3 and 4 gear which was nice.  On the corners I felt I didn’t need to down shift as often as it really pulled nicely out of the corners.  With the weight difference I was getting a lot more feeling from the front end which was nice.

From a standing start the TC light was flashing through to 3rd gear so a good bit more power.

Very happy with the system.

On the question of remapping.  As the sensor is at the head of the exhaust you don’t need to remap as the ECU will automatically adjust, but going to look at some air filter mods to allow more air in since its breathing better on the out.