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@BrettBolus, MNNTHBX has parts for the Husky not just KTM duke..should be able search for parts for the vitpilen/svartpilen.

If you follow this link you can get a good schematic on the parts for the bike, just go under hsq, naked, naked small,’s got a ton of good explosions. .I used that to take a look before I tore the front end apart.

This is my first bike so I’m by no means an expert, nor am I really handy with electrical. I did the tail first and used the install guide for the R&G tail tidy that you can download from their site (the MNNTHBX didn’t come with instructions). That gives you some good pictures as to what it takes to take the tail apart. You will need to buy one aftermarket bolt for the tail when you take off the tire mounting rear license plate steel arm. Or you can buy a 5mm nylon spacer and use the standard bolt (see steps in R&G install that tell you to add 5mm spacer that conveniently comes with their tail tidy and not the MNTHBX).

Re-routing the wires from the tail back into the bike was pretty easy and I just coupled it with existing wires going back under the fairings, using a few zip ties. Then put on butt connectors forĀ  all the wire ends for easy plug and play access (Rizoma’s come with them already which was nice).

Routing the wires from the tail lights up into the seat is easy, there is some space at the rear of the two bolts that attach the tail tidy. Stick your head under the bike and take a peak.

For the front lights its pretty easy as well, just have to completely take off the front headlight and instrument cluster…which sounds like a lot but really is only about 12 bolts to do. The turn signals have little screws on the back of them that you undo, then pull out the bulbs and you can cut the wires and disassembleĀ  them. Basically once you take the cluster off and the headlight you have 8 little screws to get the front wire plate cover off. From there you are completely open and easy to work around.

Again, I’ve never owned or worked on a bike before this, am pretty handy, but never worked on electrical etc.


here is a picture of the parts finder blow up on the front end.