Reply To: Coober ecu and cat delete


Yup, I got it from aomc.

No professionisti at all here. Dont ecpect much from aomc, instructions inside are two pieces of black and white paper and they’re YouTube vid is not well done and never replied when I had a problem or even to confirm which ecu box I was getting but at the end of the story it’s four plugs and pretty easy. Only hard part is to reach the plugs as they’re in pretty tight spots.

Ive a disability on my left hand and cannot move it and managed to do it. I just called my wife to plug two of them. Throttle body sensor on the right side gave me some trouble as wasn’t connecting well after I broke one piece trying to unplug but later I fixed it. On the other side, coober assistance it’s been spot on, replied every email in real time assisting me perfectly. They’re product reflects they’re philosophy

Get back to me if you need help