Reply To: compatibility between dike 390 parts and svartpilen/vitpilen 401


Here are some items that I found to work perfectly on the 401 ans some that do not work so well.

These work perfectly:

1. Powertronic for Duke or RC 390 (2017)

2. Rear shock (I used Wilbers)

3. 2017 air filter with the clips (DNA)

4. Tyga header

5. Oil filter, screen and o-rings (390 engines are the same)

6. Aftermarket levers – I used some off of Amazon for a Duke/RC 390 and they work perfectly.

Do not work perfectly:

1. Fork cartridges (I used 2015-2016 KTM 390 carts) – these work great but are not plug and play. The new forks have bolt-in cartridges, not drop in. My guy had to modify slightly.

2. Silencers and mid-pipes – mounting brackets are different on the Vit. The width of the exhaust brackets directly behind the motor is more narrow that previous model years. KTM 390 mid-pipe can be used but won;t bolt up to the bracket. The final silencer bracket under the passenger foot rest is also in a different location.

3. E-throttle tube for quick turn throttle – shape is different. It won’t work.

4. Airbox mod – The airbox has changed. There is no more “open airbox” option. You will need to drill holes below the filter, from where the air is now drawn.