Reply To: IT'S NOT A GROM!!!


Truth is, I didn’t even know what a Grom was until the 4th-5th time I was asked…and by then, I just had to look it up.

First off, the Grom has a tiny displacement…125cc (which is fine but it’s not even in the same category), and the wheels are what…12″? Sorry, but this is a mini bike. So what makes it similar? A single cylinder, two wheels and that it’s available in white…nothing else, really.

Well, this all led me to do some math. I’ve had my bike since May 3rd, 2018 (4.5mo/18wks) and to date I’ve been asked the same question exactly twelve times so I’ve calculated these figures, which averages out to 0.666 times a week…meaning, either this is Satan’s bike or I’ll have to answer this question 34.632 times a year.