Reply To: ABS CAN FAILURE – intermittent message.


Hi there
I’m new here, but not new to biking (Enduro / Offroad / Adventure) and having a GS F800 and not wanting to put all that mileage on the BMW with riding to work and back, I decided to buy a smaller commute bike (but also one that looks SUPER COOL)!

So, I bought my 401 Svartpilen about 3 w eeks ago … been happy with it and with no faults or errors, until I started getting the ABS flashing light which would come on randomly, whether riding fast or slow, up or down hills etc.  Yesterday I saw a warning light appear but missed the exact wording of it, until this morning I was able to catch the error … CAN ABS FAILURE.

I queried the dealer I bought her from, and they said I should take her in for a diagnostic and if a fault to have it repaired under warranty.  I can only get there on friday though, will keep you updated.

PS: Your answer seems a bit “not what you want to hear’ish”.




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