Reply To: Problems With My Vitpilen 701


Ugggh, you know I still love back in the day with my 1987 GSX-R 750 that I could take everything apart and fix it myself.  These new motos are great, but so many things run by software now that quite annoying as everyone chalks things up to “software failure” and yet no one can seem to fix it.

Only issue I have had is what others posted when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd or 2nd to 1st – mostly in the first 3 to 5 km after starting out from the engine cold – the bike just completely shuts down.  Luckily it just costs and does not lock up, but I pull the clutch in, thumb the starter and comes right back on.  I have not noticed the display doing anything yet because most of the time I am in traffic when engine stalls and I am concentrating on what is around me and not the little display for error lights :).

I am taking mine in for service in about a month for first 600 miles and will definitely tell them about this.  Honestly, not sure I want them touching it because usually after people touch what they do not know the problem, just makes it worse.