Reply To: Vitpilen now / Svartpilen later ?


Purchased a Vitpilen as the dealer (in Colchester, UK) told me the only real difference between the Vit/Svart is going to be colour scheme and the handlebars are going to be triple clamps (Svart) instead of the posts (Vit).  This will let you change the Svart handlebars to say dirt bike with a wider grip versus the Vit is non-moveable.  So there could be a slight difference in ergonomics or able to change ergonomics with a higher riding position, but I find the Vit is great just around town and ~100 km jaunts.

My only comment on the Svart with the clips on is that some people complain with that big one cylinder that there would be more vibration in the handlebars versus the Vit where it is all locked together.  I am not sure if true as never had experience with singles (my first single) but people say you can definitely feel more vibration in clip ons versus integrated.