Reply To: Bar End Mirrors, fashion or function?


Canis, the quality of the Husqvarna mirrors are surprisingly better than what I expected and comparably priced (see pics).

Mitch, I have to agree with your statement about the Vitpilen being a fashion bike therefore, many of its features are not ergonomically optimized so it’s really just a matter of style and preference.

I couldn’t stand the look of the stock mirrors so I removed them immediately and rode around without any mirrors for so long that I now rarely look into the ones I’ve got. So again, I guess it’s like anything else…it’s whatever feels comfortable to your riding style and what you eventually get used to.

There are many mirror options available…it all depends on how much you want to spend. I had the same question initially but I was certain that I was not going to keep the oem’s so for me it was a toss-up between (all bar-end) the Motogadgets’ vs Rizomas’ vs Husqvarnas’ (which I chose). Although their style and finish is top notch, they have their issues, but whatever, they’ll have to do for now until something better comes along.

Perhaps a good idea would be to get a set of cheap lane-splitters and install them with the stock mirrors in place and see what works best for you…just a thought.