Reply To: I'm the only Svartpilen in Maryland at the moment


No worries about ams. I didn’t do any nasty reviews, I won’t talk anyone out of going there.  Just left a bad taste in my mouth. Sadly with zero Husqvarna dealerships in our state, I had to make a lot of phone calls to secure one within a driveable distance. New motorcycle license holder. Passed the msf course mid June, had the bike a week later.  Totally in love. But I don’t have anyone who rides, so I’m kinda on my slow track getting competent riding. Haven’t even been on a highway yet. Few city rides. Traffic doesn’t bug me so much so I’ll ride wherever. Ill have to expand my route from glen arm and check out pretty boy reservoir.  Already signed up for the distinguished gentlemen’s ride.

Everyone kept telling me they’ve seen another Husqvarna I knew it would only be a matter of time till we bumped into each other. lol