Reply To: 3D printed turn signals / plate / passenger holder


I have a 3d printer but I haven’t created a 3d object from scratch before. I’m going to look in to making one for a bracket that allows you to mount the stock signals but tuck them under the tail a bit more. This would be to use in conjunction with an axel mounted license plate. I don’t see the point in moving the plate up just to ruin the nice open space above the tire.

I haven’t taken mine apart yet… In your pic, what is the very rough edge around the base of each signal? Do you have to cut the signals away? Or is that part of your prototype bracket?

Also, is there any reason a 3d printed piece of plastic is better than just a bent piece of metal in the shape of what you made? Is there a way it can hide the wire or securing bolt?

I haven’t checked out the mounting holes for the backrest yet. Is there a reason you used the mounting points you did instead of the ones closer to the tail light?

If I can make something useful I’ll post it here.