Reply To: Problems With My Vitpilen 701


Hello all,

Thought I would finally join and chime in a bit.

I’ve had some issued with my Vitpilen 701 as well.

1. During some aggressive downshifts I would get everything light up with the CAN BUS and TC failure and probably another message flashing back and forth rapidly. This only happened a few times downshifting and it hasn’t happened in awhile.

2. I’ve had the TC failure with the key in the off position as well. But it also hasn’t happened in awhile. It used to happen quite a bit.

3. I’ve had the TC failure stay on. For this one – I decided to take it in for warranty. Ride my bike to the shop – Lo and behold, the failure light and message disappears. I had them hook up for diagnostics anyway to make sure. They did see all the “Failure messages” that did pop up before hand but determined nothing was actually wrong.

4. Fuel sensor failure. This was just the connector not being fully locked in place. Easy peasy fix for me.


Looks like mostly software crap to me. I’m sort of ok with it as the bike itself is running really nice. Yes it is expensive and you shouldn’t have to deal with all this shit. I just think we are sort of the guinea pigs since it is the first year run for the bike.

Hope it all works out for you in the end.

One last note: I’m at just under 4000 km on my bike and none of those failures have popped up again recently.