Reply To: Problems With My Vitpilen 701


Hi everyone,

i bought my Vitpilen 701 brand new in the middle of may 18.

At my first longer ride i saw short “Can Bus Failure” on the display and from time to time the engine was stalling when i gear down from 3rd to 2nd gear or from 2nd to 1st gear. The clutch was definitely open and i’m sure that i didn’t breaking dead the engine.

You can imagine it’s not helpful for safety if your bike stall in the traffic or if you try to cross a crossroad.

The latest problem is that if i turn the key in the off position i can read “TC Failure” in the display and when i ride the bike the TC & ABS Lamp lights up. For a better understandig the Lamp do not flashing like the TC is active and there is wheel spin.

My Bike was in the last 3 months nearly 4 Weeks in the workshop to fix this problems. Now i’ve got the 2019 Software on my bike but the problem with the TC & ABS Lamp is still there, also the TC Failure in the Display when i turn the key in the off position.

My dealer says thats normal. Now i’m realy desperate and disappointet.

Don’t understand me wrong, i love the bike but it was to expensive to say “it’s usual that all the Time warning lamps light up” and “every Pilen in my store says TC Failure when i turn the key in the off position”

Does anybody have the same problems?


Best regards