Reply To: OEM exhaust Baffle removal

Brandon Black

It’s not the cheapest option, but I ended up buying the upgraded Akrapovic exhaust slip and drilling that out and I’ve been quite happy with it. The process was about 1hr of work, but you’ll need a pop rivet gun, a drill and something to saw through a small weld.

I originally attempted this same process on the stock exhaust because to be honest, I like the look of the blacked out stock exhaust better, but the sound was just terrible still. The upgraded slip made a big difference and the exhaust note is quite awesome.

You can see a picture of my drilled out exhaust here:

You can hear it on a Malibu canyon run here (4k, 360 degree view):

If you decide to go this route and need pointers on the exhaust modification let me know. I’ll tell you all about my broom handle trick that saved me hours over what other folks had to do. 😀