Reply To: USB 701


OK. Here goes, this is how you take the covers and the tank off.

1. Remove seat.

2. Pull up on the front of the black cover at the front of the tank. There is a tab on both legs of the cover, then slide cover forward.

3. There are 3 screws under the cover, the outer two hold the tank cover in place and the center one hold the tank to the frame. You will see the tank vent routed on the left side, you will want to pull that out if you are removing the tank.

4. To remove the tank you need to unhook the carbon filter at the rear of the tank,then you should see an air house behind it on the right hand side, disconnect that. Remove the two screws next to the carbon filter.

5. You should then be able to lift up the rear of the tank and disconnect the fuel line, there is a lock tab ob the connector. Disconnect the two electrical connectors on the right hand side. The tank should come free at that point.

6. To remove the cover from the tank remove the six screws holding the fuel cap in place, three actually hold it in place, the others are decorative.

7. Remove the yellow trim piece by removing the three screw and the two 90 degree turn plastic tabs. The yellow piece will slide up, you can see it slots into some tabs in the cover.

8. There will be two tabs in the middle of the bottom edge of the cover that hook underneath the tank. Pull the down and out to remove the bottom edge. Then there are a few tabs that slide from one half into the other. Be care full, but they pull apart family easily.

9. To put it back together just reverse the process.