Reply To: Slip on Exhaust for 390 Duke interchangable?


I wrote a nice detailed reply to this thread but it did not post for some reason or got deleted.  ANyway, here is the short version. I have tried 3 aftermarket KTM Duke exhausts on the Svartpilen. These have included an inexpensive Duke 2014 OEM underbelly exhaust, the Duke Competition Werks GP and the Duke Olsen Performance GP. All required to bend the exhaust mounting tabs on the frame to fit the exhaust through the space behind the engine. I also had to install a Tyga Header to get any of these to fit, since the 2018 Svartpilen exhaust has a cat and different clamps, existing Duke/RC exhaust systems cannot mount up to the new header configuration. The Competition Werks looked awesome but was waaay too loud with, even with a Bristol Core repack. It will deafen you and I’m not sure how anyone runs the thing, even with earplugs. I sold it. The Olsen sounds perfect and looks great when mounted but none of the brackets line up. I have it zip tied at the moment but am hoping to have the mounting tabs replaced at a local shop. That said, I’m sure other off-the-shelf options will be available in the next year.