Reply To: USB 701


Qwandree, that was what I tried, but it required a different size ziptie than the ones I had, and I didn’t know how well the cable would do that close to the cylinder head(HOT). Plus my cables were either too short or 6 feet too long. So, and don’t laugh at me, temporarily I run it under the seat and then across tank to my ram mount. With the wire just laying on my tank. Pretty pathetic for someone in instrumentation! lol I will find a better way to route it. I want it to pop out right at the Fork stem, and I know it is possible, there are even 2 weep hole looking things under  the seat in the silver plastic that look to be made for running a wire, like a chase, but I had no luck w them. I’m pretty sure this endeavor will entail removing the silver fairings around the fuel tank.