Reply To: Service Light Reset Issue


There is no special dealer tool to do this, it is all done through the pushbuttons like mitch describes above.

My dealer says the opposite. There is a tool that they have to rent from KTM and it logs in to the computer on the bike. The dealer stated that if you stole a bike off the floor you could not get it started. The dealer tool is needed to prove that the bike was bought and then it can be started.
The tool reads the VIN and and all info on the bike.
After my first oil change they reset the next to 7,500 km.
As I also own a EFI Ural and in order to sync the throttle bodies you need a dealer tool.
I found a dealer going out of business and bought the tool. So my first question after the breakin on the Huskie was where can I buy the tool.
So unless I can find a dealer that is going out of business I may never get the tool myself for the Huskie.