Reply To: Engine / ECU shut downs?


The dealer tech dug around into my glitching bike, and the issue appears to be that the negative terminal plate of the battery has broken internally – caused by the seat bottoming out and putting pressure and rubbing on that terminal. I checked plenty of times that the battery cabling was secure, but its the terminal plate inside the battery cell that has broken loose.

He was able to reproduce the issue very often by getting the bike running and then just moving his weight around on the seat, and the engine would sputter or shut off, or all electrical would go dark, consistent with what I was experiencing. So depending on how you are riding the bike, and how your weight shifts on the seat you could be causing intermittent voltage drops, or complete loss of battery ground.

This could explain a lot for other people who have noticed intermittent stalls or electrical glitches while riding and shifting your weight.

What is interesting is that the recent KTM390 duke recall in India was partly because the seat was putting pressure on the tail light, causing them to crack. So its very possible this is a design flaw where there isn’t enough clearance below the seat.

Husqvarna is replacing the battery under warranty, and I asked the tech to see if he could add some clearance by either trying to lower the battery bracket or raise the seat so this doesn’t happen again with the new battery.