Reply To: Tail Tidy for Vitpilen/Svartpilen


Howdy folks. I’ve had my Vit for a week now and it’s been the longest week ever wanting to get rid of the OE plate and turn signal set up.  We’re all waiting (impatiently) for the aftermarket to catch up with this great bike but in the interim, I went down to my local bike parts and accessories store and for about $30, put this together. It’s not as svelt or clean as what I’ve had on previous bikes but it’s so much better than the stock set up.  Overall, install took me about 3-hours including a run to HomeDepot for some longer bolts.

This is the universal plate holder and 'L' brackets I got from the shop.

Plate holder and ‘L’ brackets from my local parts shop.

'L' brackets mounted using the outtermost grab handle mouting points

‘L’ brackets installed using outermost grab handle mounting points.

Wiring harness run through the grab handle mouting point cover.

Harness routed through the grab handle mounting point cover.

License plate bracket and turn signals mounted. Wiring harness is tucked and zip ties behind the bracket.

Plate holder and turn signals installed. Harness is tucked up and zip tied behind the plate holder.

Finished product.

All in all, not bad for $30. I’m stoked on the results and to see the true lines of this great bike start to re-emerge with this mod.

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