Reply To: Engine / ECU shut downs?


I wish it was that simple. I did a check of the battery (terminals look good and secure, voltages good), and took off side covers and looked for any weird loose connections or brackets and didn’t see anything obvious.

On my ride today I noticed a weird little fart feeling like the engine misfired or something and maybe I saw the check engine light flash for just a brief moment, but it was gone before I was really able to look at the gauge so not 100% sure the light came on. But bike rode fine the rest of the way to work. Then I get to the garage and parked, turned the engine off but left the electronics on, and was taking a moment to reset the time on the dash from that last reset I described above. I got the time set and was checking out the other menus on the dash and then the electronics went completely dark again. This time it didn’t come back for a while, and I tried turning the key off, taking it out, back in , turn to run, still nothing after a couple attempts at turning the bike on.

Finally I pushed the bike forward a little and grabbed the front brake hard to make the nose dive and then it came back.

It really makes me think there is something weird with some electronics module bracket or harness causing something to move and disconnect or short and then glitch out. That would be consistent with the other times I’ve seen any of these issues during hard braking. I might go back in under the covers again to look for anything loose.

Anyone know where I should be looking for the most likely suspect? I assume its something somewhere in that cramped section of electronics under the gas tank.

Related side note: the KTM 390 Duke just had some recall specifically about an ECU bracket. It might have been India only for now, but seems like it might impact the ‘Pilen bikes as well, wonder if Husqvarna will notify us of anything there?