Reply To: Cat delete


I’ll run the cat for now, but the intent is to make a mid-pipe as well. My concern is not really extra horsepower but here is California we have Ethanol in the gasoline (10%) and sometimes I have to travel for work and I’m gone for 2-3 weeks. I’d think that my 401 & 701 are engineered to survive that stuff but my other bikes were made before that started forcing that stuff on us here. It does nasty stuff to my carbureted bikes (DRZ400SMs, WR450F, and KLX140).

Anyways I always have 30gal of 110 leaded gas in the garage that solves any issues and I can just hop on the bike and go riding vs. having to drive to the gas station first. Leaded gas isn’t the best for the O2 sensors (you can clean it with a propane torch) but bad for the cat, hence why I want to delete.

Unfortunately, California Highway Patrol is getting a little overzealous with giving out tickets here lately so it would limit where I ride to avoid a $600 ticket.

Land of the free they say… 🙁