Reply To: Formal Attire


Thanks Amonsalveg, I’m hoping to get my hands on a Svart once I’m done with the Vit…I have some pretty vivid ideas for that as well.

Yes, I removed the wheel nut while the bike was on the kickstand (sidestand).

As you may have noticed, Watsen’s site isn’t very comprehensive. From what I gather, the designs are basically the same, with different names, and the addition of a relay here and there to accommodate any specific brand.

I’ve ordered a set of the Triumph Street Twin in gloss black for the rear and Triumph Bonneville in matte black for the front and if it all goes as planned, the front signals will likely go where the stock signals were (depending on the hardware provided) and I plan to install the rear somewhere along the bottom seams of the body panels. I had hoped to install them on the plastic covers for the grab handle but there is a chassis screw underneath them that may prohibit that location.

Those are my plans so far but I’ll have to see when they arrive.