Reply To: Tail tidy


I put it together using all the original manufacturer supplied parts. (Turn signals, plate light, wiring harnesses, plate brackets and screws)The only parts you would have to purchase would be the aluminum angle stock and stainless screws. I disassembled the license plate bracket and all the lights and removed the arm. This exposed the 10m bolt holes for swingarm spools too. I took the screws out of the plastic chain guard so I could pull the harness through (unplugs under the tank, cut the zip tie). I then cut 2pcs of aluminum @7” long and 1pc @4” long.  Removed the red reflectors, drilled some holes and reassembled like the picture shows. Rerouted the harness under the seat. I did have to drill a small hole in the plastic of the under tail section behind the brake light and above the bracket to route the 3 connectors under the seat. Not happy about it, but had to be done. Then mounted it using two of the four screws that hold the grab bar to the subframe. Cheers from Texas! Post pics of what y’all come up with.