Reply To: Slipping Out of 5th Under Acceleration


I’ve had the same issue multiple times on mine as well and not just in 5th. It’s embarrassing as hell at the track with your buddies watching. So here is the condition it happens in:

Throttle is wide open. You upshift. False Neutral or goes back down into lower gear.

I’ve suffered the same thing on my 1098S trackbike and it’s from not hitting the damn shift lever hard enough. Similar experience on ’17 & ’18 BMW S1000RRs

I adjusted the shift lever on the 701 downward so there is about 1/8 of the available adjustment left. I’m not hyperextending my foot anymore trying to bang up a gear. With “Shift Assist” you really need execute with extreme prejudice.

Going down it’s the same way. Did it twice on a ride yesterday. Just got lazy and didn’t smack it down hard enough.

Never experienced a false neutral shifting using the no clutch roll off method. That seems to work just fine.

420mi on the clock so far for reference.