About Eratosthenes

Local hobby motorcycle builder here in Albuquerque. Waiting for some time to buy a new bike and I saw the 401 and had to have one. So I went down to Bobby Jays Yamaha who happens to be a Husqvarna dealer and he had 2 in stock. I had them put the one still in the grate together for me and bought one. I am professionally employed and build bikes of all sorts. Just sold 7 custom builds last month as space is getting limited. Been riding, racing and building bikes for 45 years and seen a few things. I always wanted a Husqvarna as a young teen racing MX on Suzuki and Yamaha. We could always tell the kids the had money as they would show up on Husqvarnas, Maico, and CZ bikes. Some of you from the 505 (Albuquerque) may remember Harold’s Husqvara a.k.a. Weird Harold. Sold Bultaco and Hodaka too. Anyway that is the bio. Glade to be here